Friday, September 09, 2005


Is uniqueness important? Or is being best important? Or being steady?

OK, I'm blogging. But I wasn't the first. Session reports? Not the first. Interviews? Game reviews? Game design? Just following the herd, folks. Is it unique in taking something that has been done and making it my own? Do I add something unique to it? Does it matter?

Maybe I just want to be the best at it. Well, I'm probably not the best blogger, not the best session reporter, interviewer, game reviewer, or game designer.

Steady? I do try to be steady, frequent, and interesting in my posts, but so are other bloggers.

I think everyone has some talents, whether it is something unique, something they're best at, or just something steady and interesting to say.

Still, I'm looking for that unique thing to do. What could it be? What could it be? Why do I want to be unique? For me? Or for accolades from others? Who knows? I just know, that I have to do it. Something unique. Or, at least, something best.

My game design is a very good game, I suppose it could be considered unique, but it is not altogether unique - the mechanisms are pretty much adapted from other games, albeit in a unique way. It's also probably not the "best game" ever - considering the many ways there are by which to judge games, I don't think any game could ever be considered the "best game" ever. I have other designs circulating around. I need to get those down on paper and start playtesting. Maybe somewhere in there are a few "best games".

Maybe I should videocast game sessions? Create an edible strategy game? A book of game poetry?


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