Wednesday, July 19, 2006

As Long As We're Linking 12

See my sidebar for earlier versions of these posts (Board Game Blog Links).

This post includes information about newly discovered non-commercial board game blogs that update frequently enough to interest me. Also included are changes to existing blogs, or blogs dropped from my radar.

5 Minute Boardgame Reviews - Coldfoot started this blog, but the same material can also be found on his own blog, and he hasn't updated it in a month, anyway.

Apostle Reflections - This used to be called Reflections of an Apostle.

ArsCompendium - Rebecca Lanham started doing children's game reviews on this mainstream site. So far she has only covered mainstream games, but she told me that she is open to suggestions.

CSI Games - Guy Shalev, Israel. Guy is working on games that marry RPGs with competitive board games. He's written some musings on game design.

Gamer's Notebook - Mike Siggins is supposed to be back once a month, but he is overdue for his second article.

Gryphon's Games - Mergryphon, Washington, D.C.

Mike Doyle’s Game Art Gallery - Like Coldfoot, Mike Doyle started this blog to showcase particular posts, but you can also see these on his regular blog.

RFC Blog - Formerly Boardgamer's Pastime.

The Spiel - A board game podcast by Stephen Conway and David Coleson, UK if I'm not mistaken. - Formerly Gaming in Pearland.

Off the radar:

Blogging the Game of Life - Gone
Columbia games - Site is too commercial for me, not enough general interest.
Diary of a Made Gamer - Gone
Games as a way of life - Gone
gamethoughts - Gone
Gathering of Engineers - Gone
Habergamer - No updates
Karl CA Wilde - No updates
My New Adventures in Board Games - Gone
The One Hundred - No updates
Traveling in Multiverse - No updates
Wargamenews from Joe Steadman - Gone

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Guy said...

Thanks for the mention :)

Replies for posts are always welcome. As are opinions about the project as a whole.

- Guy Shalev.