Friday, July 28, 2006

Lonelyyyyy, I'm so lonely.....

Rachel, Eitan, and Ariella are now in Canada, and Saarya and Tal are with their mother.

I don't miss them yet (Eitan I do, since he's been away for two weeks), but I will soon. In the meantime, I would have brrn happy to get some rest with a quiet shabbat.

In the end, I was implored to join people for meals, so I won't be alone all shabbat, only some of it.

I rented two movies (can't watch on shabbat, but I can watch them before and after): It Happened One Night, and Star Trek 8. IHON was something I always wanted to see; now I've seen it and can forget it. It's really amazing how much better movies are today. It's not totally bad. It has flashes of good acting and some deeper characterization, but generally not.

I'm not expecting much of ST8, either, so I can't be that disappointed.

Aside from continuing work on my Encounter story (which people appear to either dislike or be indifferent to - oh well), I am writing some political things which I must get off my chest. I"m looking around for some place to post them. If only I had a blog ...

Great quote I saw as a headline, somewhere: "Cry bias, and let slip the blogs of war".

Let slip the blogs of war, indeed. Much has been made about the continuing contact civilians in Israel and Lebanon have been having with each other through blogging, some of it actually civilized. There may yet be hope for the free people of the world if they keep holding each other's hands.

Please let sanity prevail. Please ignore the media - it is lying to you. Please everyone pray for all of us. Please instill love in our hearts for freedom and tolerance. Please let us be strong in the face of terror. Please let us forgive our enemies if they are ever ready for real coexistance. Please let our enemies forgive us.

Please let us all have clean water and enough food, clean air, clothing and shelter, healthy bodies and minds, good relations with our family, friends, and neighbors, and time enough to enjoy playing games.


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