Monday, July 24, 2006

Linkety Link

Games blog points us to an article about someone in Shang Hai losing his eye sight after playing video games incessantly. And I thought that was an old wives tale used to scare teenage boys.

Here's another one about a ten-year old girl who was raped and killed after "she went to play video games at the man's residence". I'm was trying to figure out what she was doing visiting this man until I noticed that he was a relative. OMG.

What do either of these stories have to do with video games? Nothing. I mention them here only because connections to video games were mentioned in the original articles. Undoubtedly, the boy would have lost his eye sight doing something equally stupid, and the relative would have murdered the girl regardless of why she visited him. So I am being just as silly as the original articles in reporting a connection that doesn't really exist.

Speaking of things that may not exist, the game addiction clinic which I posted about several months ago has opened for business and is swamped.

On a lighter note, this guy collects games about cats and then donates them to the Elliott Avedon Museum & Archive of Games in Waterloo, Canada, which I didn't know existed. For the copyright enthusiasts here, try copying text from the latter's site and see what pops up. I've never seen a pop-up copyright notice before.

An article in a mainstream Malaysian rag about Edwin Wong, CEO of Panglobal Insurance, and why he is a Euro gamer.
I especially hate Monopoly. It does not allow you to think; it is just a matter of rolling the dice while the outcome usually depends on luck. Playing board games requires you to think and strategies, which is why most people aren'’t interested in it and it becomes too technical after some time.

Update: Just noticed that Edwin is a Board Game News columnist.

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