Monday, July 24, 2006

Vacation Plans

Like Treppenwitz, and Chayyei Sarah, I have had to reassess my vacation plans. Of course, the very fact that I am away from the fighting, healthy, and able to take a modest vacation, is a blessing that I am not unaware of, just as I am cognizant of all those who are less fortunate. I can't do very much about that.

We had been planning to go to the north, but neither my wife nor ex-wife feels that that is a good idea at this time. I may go by myself for a day or two in order to visit various bomb shelter and teach people board games. It's something I can do.

Rachel and her two kids have gone or are going to Canada. My kids will be with their mother most of the time. We have rented out our house again for three weeks. Another plan busted - I was planning on letting someone fleeing from the north stay in it for free, but someone who was coming to Israel also needed it and offered us rent, too. I can't complain.

The new plan is to go to the coast for a day or two. I prefer the wooded cooler climate of the north to the smoggy central beach area of the center, but so be it. The plan is to go to the beach (I'll be fully clothed, sunscreened, and under a tent, too), maybe go to a movie and/or a restaurant, window shop, visit the Tel Aviv board game store, play some games and read.

One day I hope that I can vacation in Lebanon and meet some Lebanese board gamers, if there are any. So far all I've found is the Lebanese Chess club, and a meetup reference to some warcraft fans.

Next year I am definitely taking a real vacation; some Israeli workers have a savings program from work which is released to you every six years. There's enough in it for a trip to Ireland, a place I've always wanted to go. Any Irish readers out there?



Jackson Pope said...

Ireland's beautiful I can heartily recommend it. Plus,. the people are lovely.

Seeing as you're coming all this way it'd make sense for you to stop off in England and get some games in with us English gamers. :-)

Yehuda Berlinger said...

I would be happy to visit some of England as well, and hit a few game nights.

Send me an email address to shadejon on gmail.