Monday, July 10, 2006

Game Blogging

Every Monday I'm a little light on this blog owing to the time necessary to prepare a post for the Gone Gaming blog. I can't imagine how some people post to several blogs every day, unless they can do it for a living.

Do check out my post tomorrow; I think it's a good one.

Dozens of computer and video game bloggers cover breaking news and multi-million dollar companies. Board game industry news is thin, just enough for Board Game News to cover, really, and the equivalent in Germany and maybe some other languages.

Aside from the news and stats about the game market, the rest of video and computer game blogging looks a lot like board game blogging: game reviews, impact of games on society, the game experience, top games, new vs experienced gamers, games played, game graphics, girl gamers, gamer types, game cons, and so on.

What I don't see much of in the video or computer game world is strategy and tactics for gaming. Oh, you see occasional articles, but not much.

Maybe it's because the game you play today is going into the garbage in a maximum of two years from now. Or maybe it's because the strategy and tactics don't vary much from game to game. Or maybe I'm just looking on the wrong blogs.

There are also a number of other common subjects that occur in the game board world that you don't see much of in the electronic world: what rules to use, game clubs, game buying/selling/trading, light vs heavy games, good games to introduce to new players, how games work for different numbers of players, theme vs mechanics, kingmaking, and so on.

I could be wrong, but I don't see much in the way of publishers mixing with designers mixing with players in the video gaming world, like they do in the board game world. I don't see much about video and computer gaming being something shared by entire families, either.

The board game blogging world does tend to repeat itself, on occasion; we really should collect an index of all previous articles on the topic of "strategy vs tactics" before someone writes another one.

But for all of this, it seems to cover a broader range of material than the computer game blogging world. All of that news and market information seems to get in the way.


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