Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Linkety Link

My post Ludonimicron on Gone Gaming today should please the Lovecraft fans. I still haven't read anything by him, but I will soon. This post is based on twenty-year old memories of an Alan Dean Foster story "Some Notes Concerning a Green Box" from his collection "With Friends Like These ...".

(Look. I'm now a member of Amazon associates.)

Jamie Fristrom invents a new game that's a cross between Rummikub and Scrabble.

"Hasbro's biggest investor sold most of its holdings in the world's second-largest toymaker amid declining sales." And the first largest is ... Ravensburger? Anyone? Mattel. Thanks, Simon.

Hasbro is losing sales because its main product lines are all based around toys and games that sell after hit movies come out. Amazing how that works, isn't it.

That means that theme is king in the American toy and game market. What happens to this business model if we believe Chris Anderson that the days of the mega-hit are coming to an end?



Simon J said...

The world largest toy seller by revenue is Mattel

gnome said...

Ludonimicron is a brilliant read. Bravo!

As for Lovecraft -having read everything he has written- may I suggest:

-At the Mountains of madness
-The case of Charles Dexter Ward
-Call of Cthulhu
-Walls of Eryx

Have a look at his very interesting letters and literery criticism...