Friday, July 21, 2006

Ten Reasons You Should Be Playing Board Games

We never outgrow the need to break from everyday life. What are we alive for, anyway? To work? Working can be enjoyable, and it can be for the benefit of your family and mankind, but mankind's benefit is not "more work". Somewhere along the line, someone is meant to sit back and enjoy life.

Even if you are faced with disease, hunger, war, or terror, or perhaps especially if you are faced with these things, you can't focus on this twenty four hours a day. [1] Everyone needs a little leisure time.

Spend it with people you know, or spend it getting to know people. Don't let the hypnotic screen grab you or your children, whether television or computer. Don't spend it getting wasted or wasting time. [2] Build fun into your education, build growth into your leisure, build a better life into your every day living.

If you've followed this blog, you know that when I'm talking about board games, I'm not talking Candyland or Monopoly. I'm talking Go, Bridge, Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico, and Command & Colors: Ancients. Leisure that not only [3] bridges the social world, but [4] staves off dementia, [5] increases your manners [6] and intelligence, and [7] makes you feel whole and good, not pissed off and bored.

Great board games are accessible to you right this second! You can order the games online right now. Go to TimeWellSpent and order (no, I'm not associated or affiliated with them). In a week the game will be on your doorstep. A few minutes after that, you will be starting your journey on a path to a new world. [8] Not only will you always have something to do, [9] you will have a new opportunity to make new friends and [10] you will join a fellowship of board game players around the world.

[Not a good reason] Plus, you'll learn a whole new language. Meeple meeple!


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