Monday, July 10, 2006

Board and Card Game Patents, June 2006

1. Political Chess Game
Abstract: A political chess game includes a game board and two sets of game pieces, each set including a standard set of game pieces from a standard chess game and an auxiliary set of political game pieces. Each of the standard game pieces operate according to rules governing play of a standard chess game. The auxiliary set includes Orientals, Camels, Donkeys, and Elephants. Each of the auxiliary game pieces operate according to rules governing play for Kings and the Queens. The game board defines sixteen parallel and adjacent rows of the squares. Each row is colored by one of a first color, a second color, a third color, a fourth color and a fifth color with the colors defining an alternate cultural group.
Sounds cool. This patent references the following earlier patents, all about chess games (in reverse chronological order):

1a. Modified chess game

Chess on a 10x10 board with two dragon pieces, which each move three squares in any direction.

1b. Double chess enlightening game

Chess with a few different pieces.

1c. Apparatus and method of playing an expanded chess game

Another Chess variant, with additional knights. In addition, a square frame can be added to the playing surface to demark locations where only some pieces can move. Pretty cool, actually.

1d. Method of playing a modified chess game

Chess with two additional knights that move 2-1 diagonally, instead of orthogonally.

1e. Advanced chess game and method therefor

A 2-level 3-D Chess game with a funky piece or two.

1f. Expanded chess-like game

Same as 1d, but one of the moves is diagonal, and one is orthogonal.

1g. Chess-like game

Double the number of pieces. Double the fun?

1h. Composite chess game and method

A bunch of different Chess variants.

1i. Expanded chess game and method therefor

Chess on a larger board with the corners cut out and a new piece that moves two spaces.

2. Portable multimode shuffleboard game apparatus, exercise and strength measurement method

Portable shuffleboard.

3. Games grid board

The game Lights Out!

4. Cards

The idea of an educational CCG.

And a few other ideas, including the idea of automatically notifying your buddy list as to what game you are currently playing.



gnome said...

Aha...more Chess creeping in here...

Yehuda Berlinger said...

I have to admit that I appreciate Chess more now that I've played Eurogames.

I don't want to play it by memorizing openings or anything like that, and I don't want to deal with ten hours games, or play where you can't take your move back.

But I can see more patterns, and I can appreciate the loss, gain, and efficient use of resources.