Monday, July 17, 2006

Everything but Gaming

Not everyone is immersed in the game experience like I am, I know. Some people just play games, and when they're done, they go home and do other things. It's only crazies like me who have to find ways to keep the game experience trailing after them between game nights like so much comet dust.

That's one reason why I blog about games.

I keep hearing about people blogging for a few months or so, and then they find that they have nothing left to say, and then they drop out. This hasn't happened to me. Now that I'm just past my two year anniversary of blogging, I'm actually finding it easier to blog every day. In fact, I need to write more and more. (Now watch me have sudden writer's block ...)

How I've kept immersed, so far this week:

I've gone back to finish my Sarah story, the one I started on Gone Gaming last year. I've always known the plot, I just never had the umph to finish it. Hopefully soon.

I just recorded a top ten list for the Dice Tower, which may end up on their show, if the recording worked.

I just received another request to reprint my first Ethics in Gaming article, this one from Games Workshop. They also offered to send me a mini or two as a token of thanks (my son sometimes plays WarHammer). Thanks!

I may get involved soon in one of those game days that Binyamin is organizing for kids, since it will be in my former home of Beit Shemesh, and for mostly English-speaking kids.

And I recently turned down a request to promote or review a company whose games some people might enjoy, but I don't like their style of humor.

The game experience: everything but the game. Revel in it.


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