Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Break

I decided to get a tutor for my daughter in math, rather than constantly engage in nightly attempts to tutor her myself. It's not that she's bad at math, or that I'm bad at teaching; it's just something in the dynamic.

To compensate, I continue to give her attention by playing a weekly game with her. This week it was Cities and Knights of Catan.

She's new to the game, so it wasn't hard for me to jump ahead, despite my being concentrated in one area and her having the rest of the board. We had no sheep, so we both lost our initial cities. I then built up to Aqueduct, green metropolis, a triangular city state, and from there I won by building Longest Road, Merchant, and a settlement in one go.

Cities and Knights is one of those games that I "played out". You get the game, you play it to death, you put it aside. And then, after a break, you bring it back out for one session to play casually. As you rotate it back into non-obsessive casual play, you being to appreciate it again, especially if you play it with new players.

This has happened to me with several games; I imagine that it has happened to most of you as well.

The Real Truth, A Christian magazine, weighs in on video games, and the results are not pretty.

Meanwhile, the University of Richmond is teaching classes in poker.

The world is going to Hell in a hand basket.


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