Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pictures of Sewage Backing Up Into Our Kitchen

You sickos. I'm not going to show you pictures of that. Maybe I'll hook up a smell-o-meter.

Suffice to say: it's not pleasant. It's not just the brownish water on the floor and the inability to use any of our water fixtures, it's also anything on the floor that can get ruined by being in prolonged contact with water. And we can't get any plumbers until tomorrow.

We had 18 for Friday night dinner, and I made three types of chicken two types of rice, meatballs, various side dishes, three flavors of iced tea. They brought the desserts. And your lives are all just a little incomplete not having tasted my incredible sweet and sour chicken.


In the afternoon, I went to the same neighbors, because they were all home, and they had wanted to play the evening before but dinner ended too late. We played Winner's Circle and Tigris and Euphrates.

Winner's Circle was well received, although it seemed to prove too difficult for the 81 year old grandfather to grasp (I could be wrong).

Tigris and Euphrates was also well received. Unless someone has had incredible early luck and is already essentially unbeatable, I never have a bad game of Tigris and Euphrates. And not only is it always fun, it is always interesting. You just sometimes have to avail yourself of the "throw out tiles and pick back up to 6" action once in a while. I ended up losing 14 to 7 to 3. I had 7. And I thought that I had been doing well.

Next to us, the 15 year old boy was playing with his friend a card game that involved flipping over cards and being the first one to slap the table on some condition.


Also: The Texarcana Gazette misquotes Rick Thornquist in a mainstream article talking about board games. I say "misquotes" only because I'm sure that Rick didn't say, "10 years ago, Germany created an award for best board game."

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