Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pattern Recognition Come to Life

Life imitates Art: I mentioned recently William Gibson's novel "Pattern Recognition". The main plotline in that novel was a series of video clips that was being anonymously released to the Internet. The latest brouhaha about LonelyGirl appears to have roughly followed that formula.

More attacks on video games, rather than parenting: Crave writes about the "death of childhood" as a result of video games, along with other popular culture. In Praise of Folly responds. My recommendation is a book called "Disappearance of Childhood" by Neil Postman, which tackled this issue a while ago. In my opinion, while some aspects of childhood (protection from sexual knowledge) are desirable, I would be happy to throw most of them (condescension, babying) out.

Nazi propaganda board game: Here is Stukas Attack, allowing you to bomb Britain and return, avoiding enemy searchlights and flak.


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