Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Games in the Time of the Bible

I found this little gem of a paper by Professor Meir Bar Ilan concerning games in, and at the time of, the Bible. Sorry, it's in Hebrew. An English abstract is here.

To make up for that, here is a paper on Talmudic game theory by Dr. Roman Ohrenstein, and an article about last year's Israeli Nobel prize winner in Economics (Game Theory), Dr. Robert Aumann, also discussing Biblical and Talmudic games.

OK, what else?

Time magazine will be telling us next week that many parents think that poker is good for kids. And they're not talking pretend poker, here; they mean real money poker. Nice going, Time.

The Philippines is looking to make Scrabble an official English language teaching tool in schools across the country.

And October 21 is the date for the attempt to break the world record for simultaneous Uno players.

Ah yes. Kiddley demonstrates how easy it is to make a simple board game.


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