Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Linkety Link

A-list blog Lifehacker has tackled games twice in the last week. Once to tell us about Google's new "game" Image Labeler. Which brings us to pontificate: Is this a game? It's got scores and rankings. It's fun to play. Google gains free teams of workers, so it's valuable (for them, at least). Lifehacker also linked from this article to a previous article where it suggested turning everyday activities into games in order to make them more fun to complete.

The second Lifehacker article was for a nifty site with good strategy info for Chess.

How much Bling Bling do you need? A new board game based on the "hot" urban dice game C-lo. No, I had never heard of C-lo, but the page provides a rundown on how to play the game (pure luck).

And lastly, an Orthodox Jew was forced off a plane heading out of Montreal for praying. A good thing that that didn't happen to me on my way to BGG.con last October.


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