Sunday, September 03, 2006

JSGC Games Played, August 2006

As usual, the following includes only games played at the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club last month, and does not include my own personal games played.

Bridge: Growing in popularity in our club, and played occasionally at the end of game nights.

By Hook or By Crook x 2: This is one of the games that is popular among many of our members, although it is too light of a game for me.

Caylus: This takes a bit too long, but plays reasonably well two player.

Cities and Knights of Catan: A nice occasional game, especially for those who have not played it overly much.

Fluxx: One of the only games that I refuse to play.

Havoc x 4: A standby filler game. A tad too long for a filler, but plays well with 2 to 4 players, and ok with 5 or 6.

Hearts: I like to play Team Hearts. Otherwise, it is an enjoyable but brainless filler.

Magic: the Gathering x 2: A staple game for me, when played with random drafting. I always play when my friend David comes by.

Modern Art x 3: Well liked by some players, I find it repetitive, but ok. Works best when the double auction cards are distributed equally.

Origins of World War I: An ok game for its class, not mine. Unbalanced powers, ganging up, and kingmaking, but room for some good negotiation skills if the players are into that sort of thing.

Power Grid: A classic game, elegant mechanics except for the power plant market, but it works anyway. Gets a little math heavy at the end game.

Quo Vadis: A very nice filler, still hoping to play it five player where I imagine it works best.

San Juan x 2: A staple filler, and the favorite of one of our members. I never really request it, but I enjoy it once I start playing.

Settlers of Catan: Still a great game, I can't help it. Just wish that random wasn't so; but I'm not ready to move to a deck of dice just yet.

Shadows Over Camelot: Loved by everyone in the group. I find the mechanics a little silly, but I admit that the game provides some nice tension.

Tigris and Euphrates: An absolute classic. Always plays great, unless someone gets a huge early lead.

Winner's Circle x 3: Another of those games popular among the members who like lighter games, I think it's ok if the game moves quickly.


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