Monday, September 04, 2006

Two Player Winner's Circle

I admit that I was skeptical of playing this two player; too much information. It played ok, but I was right.

With two players, there needs to be more hidden information, without it being informationless. There is just not enough going on. On the one hand, you have slightly more control over how the horses move. On the other hand, who cares how the horses move if you're both bidding on the same horses?

I suggest that 3 of the chips get placed on the board, and one chip you secretly write down on which horse it is bet. That will add enough uncertainty to make for a slightly more challenging game. And/or perhaps use chips valued 0,1,2,3 instead of 0,1,1,2. Or any valued chips, so long as the number of bids you place adds up to 5.

As it is, Tal won the first round. Our bets were exactly identical in the second round, aside from our 0 bids which don't count. And she won the third round by a slight edge, even though I managed to dump the horse with her lone bid into last place before the game ended.


Gobi has designed an interesting abstract dice movement game.


Mark Mistretta said...

I have Winner's Circle and I was going to try it 2-P, so thanks for the head's up. Why not make it so that you each have to bid on 3 different horses? So each round you need to decide whether you want to help one of your 3 horses or hurt one of your opponents 3 horses (or move the 1 neutral horse). I think this could work.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

It could work. It sounds like too much constriction, however, as there are often horses that simply have no real chance.

Try it out.