Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Preamble on Quality and Value

I was going to talk about quality and value ... maybe tomorrow. I posted the sixth chapter of my short story to Gone Gaming. I don't think that it appeals to many people, but I like it anyway. So the question is: does it have value? Is it quality? How do I know if something I like, that others may not, has value? Is it all subjective?

For the sake of this discussion, there's no need to tell me if you're one of the few who actually likes the story; I'm more interested in the questions.

Meanwhile, my son is back in school and he has invited me to drop by his dorms to introduce more of his friends to games this evening. I'm bringing Settlers of Catan and Taj Mahal.

A few strange links on games and AI:

This chess game will show you the computer's thought process as it thinks, as well as areas of control by pieces.

This game purports to let you control a nation state.

This site purports to create interactive fiction from your novel.

And for less strange news, Joystiq points us to a Monopoly board based on video games. I'm waiting for the Monopoly board based on Monopoly editions.


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