Sunday, September 10, 2006

Civilization: the Card Game

Everyone talks about "Civilization Light", but nobody really knows what they want. Here comes Soren Johnson (also here) to give us Civilization: the Card game. 250 cards and rules based on Civ IV.

Not interesting enough, you say? How about a new board game out of Lebanon?

Designed by Jawdat Kazoun, the game was created by Reem Askalan, a Lebanese woman studying in MIT. The game was set to be released in Beirut the day before the war broke out. It is essentially a trivial pursuit game, but a seventh category includes open ended questions that allow the player to speak his or her mind, such as, "When does freedom fighting end and terrorism begin?" or "Is history true?"

The game is called Explorers and can be purchased over the web.

And now to demonstrate the difference between quality and not-quality, here is not-quality, and here is quality 1 2 3. (especially part 2)



Anonymous said...

I know it is a very old post, but i was wondering what do you think about civ the card game?

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Avi, send me a copy and I'll tell you!

I.e. I haven't played it.