Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Israeli Gaming at the ECGI / Chess News

Educational Center for Games in Israel
First meeting of groups to learn Go, Chess and other strategic games.

Social meeting for new volunteers.

Scrabble Club

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of the Succoth holiday
Family Play Events

Please register for participation in these ongoing meetings

Ongoing Projects

"STRATEGIC GAMES are the latest hit with all age groups. (Don't let the children know that it is good for all round brain development.)

Following the successful summer course held in our centre based on the game of GO we are continuing with a chug led by Eitan Aharoni on Wednesdays. There will also be a chug for CHESS. Other strategic games are included.. Parents and/or grandparents and/or caregivers are invited to stay whilst their charges are learning. (Light refreshments will be available.) There will be opportunity for the adults to learn the games to ensure continuation of play in the family circle."

Location: HATABOR 32, TEL AVIV
Telephone: 0544 717 314

Also ...

Last week Rishon LeTzion hosted the World Chess Blitz Championship. Prizes totaled almost $100,000. Here is one story from the tournament.

More on the Brutal Yet Glamorous World of Chess

Speaking of Chess, apparently Briton grandmaster Danny Gormally punched out Armenian grandmaster Levon Aronian. The cause of the fight? Levon was dancing with beautiful chess professional Arianne Caoili, and Danny wanted her. The kicker? She ended up leaving the dance with German grandmaster Arkady Naiditsch.

All's well that end's well. She's now a dancing celebrity in the latest season of "Dancing with the Stars".

Bet you weren't expecting that story when you woke up this morning, huh?


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Anonymous said...

I love Cities and Knights! A group of my friends are organizing a video game party on Jewish Connection- JewishConnection.com
and I will make sure this game is definitely played!