Friday, September 29, 2006

Shabbat Shalom

Guests: my brother Ben's family for the whole shabbat. For dinner we also have Nadine, from the game club. For lunch we also have four of Rachel's students (last minute invites).

That means that we will probably get some gaming in tonight and tomorrow. My guess would be Bridge or Puerto Rico tonight, and something Euro-like tomorrow.

I just received a collection of stuff that I had ordered to family in the U.S. and has only now made it to Israel, including:

Theory of Games by Raph Koster
Wildlife: the Cardinal Collection by John Kovalic
Greatest Games of All Time by Matthew Costello

Colossal Arena
A set of replacement cards for Settlers of Catan (but they're small!)
A pack of Legends of the Five Rings cards

Joy, joy.

Peace out,

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