Sunday, October 01, 2006

As Long As We're Linking 14

Here's a short one ...

Board Game Awards has been regularly publishing news about its titular subject. By Bas Luyten, Netherlands.

Card Board Chronicle, by Jason Woodburn, Durham, NC.

School Buses Are Evil, by Seth Bell, Rochester, NY.


Also, more news from the wild world of Chess: Veselin Topalov of Bulgaria complained that his opponent Vladimir Kramnik of Russia was taking too many bathroom breaks. Perhaps he was cheating by consulting a computer in the unmonitored bathroom! The complainant insisted that his opponent use only the public bathroom and that he must be supervised during each visit.

As a result of the complaint, Vladamir found himself locked out of his private bathroom and subsequently refused to play the fifth game of his match.

Almost as good as two grandmasters getting into fisticuffs over a girl on the dance floor.


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