Monday, October 23, 2006

Barbie™ and her Many Religions

Barbie™ and Mattel™ are registered trademerks of Mattel, Inc.

Apparently, Barbie has gone through as many religions as Bob Dylan.

The latest is an unofficial creation from Hatam Soferet, where Barbie appears to be embracing progressive liberal Judaism, tallis, tephillin, and Steinzaltz shas:

Boing boing picked this up and called it "Orthodox Barbie"; I doubt that this would be considered Orthodox in modern times. Maybe soon.

But apparently Barbie has been through Orthodox phases. Knish described a line of Orthodox Barbies, including Kollel Barbie, Hasidic Barbie, and Upper West Side Barbie. Undoubtedly her latest tephillin wearing phase is a reaction against Orthodoxy's restrictive nature.

It got so bad that Saudi Arabia denounced Barbie as "Jewish" and yet another one of our schemes to influence the minds of Muslim children around the world. Bill Maher supports the theory of Barbie's Jewishness: "I guess there's some evidence of that -- it's true when you put Ken on top of her she just lies there."

In order to counter Barbie, the Muslim world released Razanne, as I mentioned a while ago, as well as Fulla.

Barbie's done a lot of wandering, as has her long-time beau, Ken, who went through Buddhist and Catholic phases. Barbie also apparently had a Buddhist phase.

She's even had a pagan/wiccan phase as Secret Spells Barbie:

Makes you wonder what she'll be into next. Nun Barbie? Catholic School Barbie? Amish Barbie?


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