Wednesday, October 04, 2006

September Board and Card Game Patents

1. A blackjack variant, whereby a player is allowed to take "an advantage" in one round in exchange for "a disadvantage" in a subsequent round.

2. Duplicate poker.

3. A board game using Kling magnetic playing cards. The game involves some sort of point counters and laying out the cards overlapping to form polygons, but beyond that I haven't figured it out, yet.

4. A "scripture domino game", which includes bible trivia and players laying down simple words on tiles to form the answers. This sounded innocent enough until I got to this part of the claim:
These word tiles are similar in size and shape to conventional dominoes, and have an upper surface in which a maximum of three-letter word phrases are formed, each letter being formed of a series of indented "dots" filled with fluorescent-reflective paint. In this manner, a variation of the present game can be played under "black-light" lighting conditions.

5. A game for teaching "art subjects", but not just any game. A game that has "a bucket; a pail; question tabs; bonus tabs; reference cards; bonus cards; a first set of play pieces; a second set of play pieces; a collection of first award tokens; a collection of second award tokens; and a checkerboard design like game board having a generally square shape", for which the patent claims there is a "need" important enough to award a patent.

6. Another blackjack variant, where after the usual game ends, the game continues to a new fixed point level.

7. Yet another blackjack variant, where the object is to get both the best blackjack hand and the best poker hand.

8. A cross between keno and poker.

9. The ornamental design for a poker dart board.

It was a light month.


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