Friday, October 20, 2006

Weekend Coming

We are invited out for dinner to Michael and Anna's. Elijah, their son, is a regular at the game group, and Michael shows up occasionally, too.

No kids this weekend, except Eitan who will be in and out for lunch tomorrow (if that). I know many parents would kill for that, but divorced parents don't feel that way. Yeah, it's nice to have quiet, but if we had our druthers we would see the kids more, not less.

Is my last post with all the pictures causing any problems? Too large? Too many broken links? I tried to load it on a different browser and had some problems the first time (not the second), but I'm downloading to Israel, after all, which is always a few orders of magnitude slower.

I'm working on a post about scoring and winning, which I'll probably post to Gone Gaming next week. The two questions are:
  • What makes a good score for a game? 0-0-1? 0-1-2? 3-4-7? 10-12-76? 45-163-306? 306-306-307? 4-19-10,0005?
  • No matter what we score in a game, the end result is always 0-0-1 (or sometimes 0-1-1), i.e. winners and losers. Is there anything we can do about that?
If you have any thoughts, add them to the comments. You may see your name in print in my next post on Gone Gaming!


Rick Thorniquist's video on the first day of Essen is very well done. He is really upping the quality and professionalism of his reporting.

This week's Vintage Gamer covers some board game books. I haven't heard it yet, but it's downloading.

Raph points to a MMORPG set in the world of Shakespeare. It's not built yet, but it's a great idea.

I found a blog devoted to Cosmic Encounter, and the official blog of Cosmic Encounter Online which is updated by Peter Olotka.

Oh. And do you want to play Puerto Rico Monopoly?



Duke said...

Hello. Thank you for mentioning my Cosmic blog here. Also, the post above (the discussion of the Peter Olotka interview) is now linked to my blog, as I think some of my readers would be interested in your take on the situation.

Thanks again and good luck with everything.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Thanks, Duke.