Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Linkety Link

Two great Halloween board game stories: Halloween Horror from Pawnstar and Frankenmeeple - A Halloween Tale from Paul DeStefano (Geosphere).

I wrote Winning Alternatives for Gone Gaming, about alternatives to the usual end game scenario of "I win, you lose".

A massive multi-player online chess game is being formed. It's not the first; Kasparov played the World via the Internet a few years back.

Destructoid weighs in on video games and art.

Only a Game invents a hex based war game, his second (follow links to the first, a science fiction empire game).

And more talk about serious games, this time from Forbes.


Update: AimlessWords covers Eurogames. (via Critical Gamers)


Smooth said...

Hello Yehuda,

I came to visit your site for the first time this evening after visiting Soccer Dad a few days ago and I had no idea your site was about gaming. My hobby is video gaming. I've been a gamer since 1981 when I discovered that somehow, Adventure and Zork both were installed on our DEC 2020 at my job - and well, I was hooked. I bought all of Infocom's games back then, playing them on my Atari 800. Since then I have played and owned more than 200 video games. My favorites are Deus Ex, Gabriel Knight 1, the Zork series, followed very closely with American McGee's Alice and Tim Schaefer's Psychonauts.

If I'm not mistaken, I think that Solomonia has mentioned that he is a gamer also, but I could be wrong.

I look forward to reading more about games on your site. Regards.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Hi, smooth.

Video gamers are both my rivals and my grudgingly respected partners. I push the human contact of board games, as well as their truer "game as opposed to puzzle or reflex training" nature.

If you want to experience the joys of modern board games (which are to "classic" board games what modern video games are to "classic" video games), join us on Wed evenings at my apt in Jerusalem.