Monday, October 16, 2006

Buzz buzz

Events buzzin' around:

I missed last week's ICON, which was not too surprising. One day of games was already enough. Still, too bad.

This week there's a game night at Gilad's in Modiin, but owing to the young ages of his children it won't start until 21:00, which is too late for me. On the same night in Jerusalem is the monthly meeting of the Jerusalem Go club, which is more likely.

I was contacted by a guy who is looking to develop a series of games and thought that I must work in the industry based on what he read on this blog. Whoops! Sorry, I don't produce games or invest in games. More's the pity.

I need suggestions for games to order for Hanukkah for the group. Any suggestions?

Last week I was able to help two people in toy stores. In one instance, I saw a woman puzzling over the rack of card games and I directed her to Take 6 instead of Taki (a cousin of Uno). In another, I saw a woman and her kids looking at what looked like a glorified version of Nine Men's Morris, and I convinced them to get Reiner Knizia's Ingenious instead, for the same price.

Just doin' my job.


Addition: I haven't hyped David in a while, so here is yet another heart-kicking post from Treppenwitz: Small Acts of Kindness.

Michael Totten, a journalist/blogger has put together a set of pamphlets containing essays and blog entries from the latest war. You can buy it at Amazon, too; it's called The Hezbollah War

Rabbi Boteach, famed for his book Kosher Sex, and for turning Michael Jackson, Roseanne Barr, and Madonna on to Judaism and Kabbalah, is starring in a reality TV show whose premise is that he visits families and helps them overcome problems. That's the first reality TV show I've heard of that doesn't sound entirely like pond scum. It still sounds rather voyeuristic, however.

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Anonymous said...

Games for Channukah: The Menorah Game and Dreidel. What more could we ask for?