Monday, October 30, 2006

Holding Steady

ekted's comment on my blogging post has me thinking. And I just went back to work after a week of being sick. So I don't have much new to say, today.

I posted to topics192 (now up to 36 countries, including Jordan and Egypt), and I'm preparing a post for Gone Gaming.

I promised a review of A Theory of Fun by Raph Koster. I've read the book twice and I'm now going over it a third time, this time with a highlighter.

The first time through I was all set to say "yes this" and "no that", but I got the feeling that I hadn't given the book justice.

The second time through I rewrapped my head around some of the points he was trying to make and found answers to some of my questions that I hadn't noticed the first time.

Now I want to dissect the book and construct a model of what he is saying.

I can't say if the book is "important", as I haven't read many other books in the field; but it's definitely thought provoking. It covers a lot of ideas, many of them quite well. Unfortunately, it's not written academically, so there's no footnotes, references, or bibliography; there are some formless endnotes that explain certain references used in the book.

If anyone has recommendations for books on the same subject, I'm all ears.


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