Tuesday, October 31, 2006

As Long As We're Linking 15

Welcome to another post about game blogs. I specifically look at board game blogs, although occasionally the focus wanders a bit. This post describes game blogs with RSS feeds newly discovered since the last post, not including single company or single game blogs. The blogs must be updated with some frequency and include information of general interest.

I also list blogs that have changed or dropped since my last post.

Newly discovered:

Avant Game - Jane McGonigal, Berkeley, CA. Her games are active games or life games, not board games. She has some nifty ideas.

Indepth - The Long Island Board Gaming Club's voluminous monthly magazine now notifies via RSS.

Resident Meeple - Ankabut, ntneko, and kira, Malaysia. Reviews and reports from a game club.

¡Luchacabra Games! - Daniel Solis, Oklahoma City, OK. Game designer creating various original board and card games.


While reviewing my feeds, I noticed that these blogs have changed their feeds; or something happened to my subscription. Either way, you may want to check your subscription.

Death Metal Cafe (Ended and has been replaced by Half Turkey)

Day Gaming

Gaming Anecdotes (Ended and has been replaced by imosse.net)

Jim Ginn

Playing With Myself

Where have they gone?

The following feeds haven't updated in a long time, and risk being dropped from my blog roll in the near future.

Game Guts
game slips
In the Light

Fade out:

The following blogs have dropped from my blog roll due to lack of updates.

Friends Over Gaming
Gaming With Fish
Northwood Games
Traditional Game Reviews

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the difference with Playing With Myself was because I changed to the new Blogger stuff, whatever it was. In any case, it's still there and I'm still contributing to it.