Wednesday, October 04, 2006

September Gaming at the JSGC

As usual this list includes only games played at the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club, and not any other games I may have played outside of the group. Find all these games on Board Game Geek.

Arimaa - a modern abstract game, said to be designed specifically so that it would be hard for computers to play using brute force searching. New strategies are still being discovered. I wasn't thrilled with my only game of it. I could be convinced if given a strategy guide ten years from now.

Bridge x 3 - Has become a club favorite. I've played for thirty years now, but many of our players are just learning the joy.

Capitol x 2 - Probably defines an average Eurogame, which is fine. Seems ok.

Cosmic Encounter x 2 - A classic, play only Eon or Mayfair versions.

Dvonn - A great modern abstract, very cerebral and fairly quick.

El Grande - An excellent Euro. Would be great to have some expansion cards for use in the regular game. Would also be fun to play with some sort of alliance system.

Go x 2 - Defines the word classic for two-player abstract games. I'm now up to 11x11 play, and will be for a while before I move up to 13x13.

Havoc: the Hundred Years War - A modern card game, seems to hit the right spot for any number of players 2-6.

Lord of the Rings: the Confrontation x 2 - A very quick and cute two-player game, with theme, too.

Louis XIV - A very good Eurogame, marred somewhat with clunky scoring, a bit too much luck, and a poorly designed endgame. Needed to bake a little more, but still a good game.

Magic: the Gathering - A classic CCG; of course, I haven't played any other CCGs. I've been playing this for ten years now and I still love it, but only when played with drafting.

The Menorah Game x 2 - A great little auction set-collection game for 2-4 players, IMHO.

Princes of Florence x 2 - A great Eurogame. One of the quietest. You expect it to not be much, but it always surprises you.

Puerto Rico - The classic modern Eurogame.

Queries and Theories - An older game that uses induction, same as Zendo. This one teaches natural language, too.

Quo Vadis - A good modern Eurogame, plays most tensely with five players, but still fun with four.

Reef Encounter - I didn't get to play this, but heard some good things about it.

Rheinländer - Like Capitol, appears to define average in a Eurogame. Which is fine.

San Juan - I kind of tired of it, but it is still a good short Euro-cardgame. Desperately needs expansion cards.

Santiago x 2 - An excellent Eurogame, IMHO. Neat and clean design. May be too light for some.

Settlers of Catan x 2 - Still the definitive gateway game for new players.

Taj Mahal - An excellent Eurogame.

Tigris and Euphrates - An even more excellent Eurogame, with some conflict, too, and a bit of luck.

Yinsh - Almost as good as Dvonn, probably enjoyed more by most people.

Some good games played this month. And Games Day is coming up next week, Oct 9.

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