Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Game Videos

Last April I linked to a slew of retro game commercials.

For no particular reason, here are a few more that I happened to come across on Youtube. I'm really not looking for them; I fear I should find way too many more if I did.

Allan Sherman's Camp Granada Board Game - I would ask "What was he thinking?", but for Allan Sherman, that would not be a relevant question.

E.T. The Board Game - Cool bits.

Splat - How to make roll and move games more fun: let players squash their opponents' clay pieces.

Let's add to this one of many fake commercials for made up board games. Most are stupid. This one for a game called Stop and Wait is pretty funny.

Our last video is a serious amateur video short about good versus evil using the game of Abalone as it's main prop.

There are a number of vintage game sites on the web: Timewarp, Boardgames R Us, Alvin's, Darwin's, D'antiques, Kidd's, The Board Game Co., Games Gone By, and Vintage Board Games, to name a few. I like Nostalgia Game's site, and I can't help but notice on the "Double pack of Royal Visit to Nigeria" cards a familiar symbol (Jewish star) and I wonder how it got there.


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