Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cosmic Encounter to be Reprinted ...

Maybe. Anyway, that's what Peter Olotka says in this interview of him by Edward Pollard of eToychest:
Ed: Do you have any plans to bring Cosmic Encounter Online to another format? Xbox Live Arcade, or the PS3 or Nintendo equivalent?

Peter: As I am writing this I am working on an XBLA proposal submission that was requested by us of a developer.

Ed: Will we ever see a tabletop version of Cosmic Encounter in print again?

Peter: As I am writing this I am responding to a publisher (FunAgain Games) who is interested in republishing Cosmic Encounter and perhaps the whole Eon line under the Eagle brand, which they acquired.
"The whole Eon line." *grin* Dare we hope for Dune?

Peter - three things to remember before reprinting Cosmic:

1. 75 powers, at least.
2. 6 players.
3. Flares.

I didn't do any gaming this shabbat. We went to dinner at Elijah's family, and I checked out their game collection. Elijah has managed to get his family regularly playing Settlers, Seafarers, Puerto Rico, and Princes of Florence. I'm sure they would get Cosmic, too, if it were reprinted.

Michael, Elijah's father, was an old school gamer, and I saw copies of Wooden Ships and Iron Men, Illumiati, various civil war games, Awful Green Things from Outer Space, and so on on his shelves. Also a few scattered Magic cards. We were hoping to play Puerto Rico after dinner, but we were all a little tired.

Nowadays Rachel and I don't have time for our shabbat afternoon Puerto Rico game anymore, as the class she teaches finishes only a few minutes before shabbat is over. A shame.

Greg announces an online chat on 10/25 on the subject of "Are Games Art?" It will be 4 am in Israel at the time, so if anyone can record or summarize it for me, I would appreciate it.



Duke said...

Hello again. I've got you linked up now at Blogmic Encounter.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Its about time. Cosmic Encounter so deserves to come into the next gen systems. Hurray!