Friday, December 29, 2006

December Gaming at the JSGC

As usual, this list includes only those games played at the Jerusalem club, and does not include other games that I may have played outside the club. Most of the game we played this month were really good ones.

Information about these, and other games, is on Boardgamegeek. Click on the game to go to Funagain or Amazon for further information or to purchase the game.

24/7: This is the latest game from Sunriver games. While easy to learn and play, and enjoyable enough, it is better suited for children. Adults will find the last third of the game anticlimactic, and most decisions not too difficult.

Carcassonne: A classic game for new players, I found the scoring less interesting than the Hunters and Gatherers version and the graphics somewhat confusing. Still a very good game. Hunters and Gatherers is recommended.

Children of Fire: the Boardgame: An excellent game. Reminds me of a cleaner version of Ys. Although the game could potentially continue indefinitely, I suspect that it usually won't. Some rules problems, and I didn't like the special ability of one of the cards.

Cosmic Encounter: The Mayfair and EON version of this game are absolute classics. I haven't played the Avalon Hill versions currently available, but I know that they are much less. Still hoping for a reprinting.

Elfenland: This won game of the year at one point, and will probably be liked by many people. We found it to be mediocre. Would play or not. Whatever.

For Sale: One of those instant hit games with non-players, not really my cup of tea, but I'll happily suggest it to get people going. Very quick game for 3 to 6 players.

Keythedral: I didn't get to play this, but heard some great things.

(Lo) Ra: Ra is a nice game. We place with a home-brewed Jewish version of the game (I can send you the files, if you like). A good auction game, but rather dry.

Lord of the Rings: the Confrontation: An amazing game for its length, like Stratego in mechanics, but feels like the Lord of the Rings squished into ten minutes.

Lost Cities: Supposedly the best two player couples game, I'm not yet sold on it. Willing to play, and willing to change my mind if I discover any more depth.

Magic: the Gathering x 4: An absolute classic gamer's game of cards.

Modern Art: Another dry auction game by the same author as Ra, but a better one. Still not my favorite, however.

Power Grid x 2: A gamer's game, fairly long and fiddly, with much math at the end. But very very good spot on tactics and strategy and game-play. Liked by most, but don't play with six players.

Prototype: I throw these out once in a while to work through game designs.

Puerto Rico: The best game, period. Still. Except for Go. And Bridge. Especially with my variant buildings.

Quo Vadis x 2: A nice little negotiation game, very tense with five players.

Saboteur: Big bonus points for being playable with 3 to 10 players, and quick to boot. Fun, but fairly simplistic.

Santiago: An absolutely excellent game of mechanics and tactics. A tad too much math for some at the end.

Settlers of Catan: The best game for introducing new players, and still a much loved and enjoyable game. This is the game to start with.

Tichu x 4: When I don't have the brains for Bridge, I will happily play Tichu. A very good four-player partnership card game.

Tigris and Euphrates: A fantastic gamer's game, heavy and epic in under 2 hours.

Wildlife: Seems like a great game with one really bad mechanic that doesn't break the game. Thinking about what to do about it.

Yinsh: A great new abstract game for two. Like Othello on steroids.


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Hi, could you send me the files to Lo(Ra) at 'sjchua at', would greatly appreciate it. I made the request a couple months back in one of the comments I left if you remember, thanks so much!