Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tagged: 5 Things About Me You Don't Know

I was tagged by Daily Blog Tips, so I will comply. Five things about me that you don't know:

1. I love canned vegetarian vegetable soup, much to the dismay of my parents when I was growing up. I have perfected the recipe in my own kitchen, and can now simulate the taste and texture from scratch. Other ridiculous loves include Entemann's Rich Frosted donuts (or any type of plain or cinnamon donuts), and natural root beers.

2. I was and am scrupulously honest with my children. I never liked being tricked into things, so I decided never to trick others either. When my son was four and asked me what was in some food, I always told him, even when I knew that he would not eat it based on that knowledge and wouldn't have known otherwise.

3. I yearn to walk in damp verdant forests beside bubbling brooks. Give me shade over sun any day, mist over sunny, cool over hot, tall lush forests, moss covered boulders, wooden barns, and crystal-clear running streams. And wireless Internet.

4. I can make 8 or 9 out of 10 free throws in basketball almost every time. Often facing backwards.

5. I love cats. I wish I had two or three living with me. But I'm allergic to them :-(

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Anonymous said...

Post the recipe! Or is it a trade secret?

Yehuda Berlinger said...

I'll give you the recipe when you come over tonight ... :-)


Coldfoot said...

Vegetarian soup?

I've been known to order the vegetarian omlette at a restaurant. "Yes, I would like the vegetarian omlette with sausage and ham, please. Oh, and a side of bacon, please."

It is a pretty good omlette. I get strange looks. Probably not as strange as I would get if I ordered the kosher meal with a side of bacon. I think I'll try that someday.

Anonymous said...

yum. veggie soup.

i'm the only vegetarian inthe family. i live with four other meat eaters, so it can be tough :/

i love dogs, but i'm allergic to them. so playing with my dog can get a little itchy. :D

Yehuda Berlinger said...

I am "vegetarian sympathetic", which is to say that I like vegetarian and I like meat. I'm happy to keep the two separate.

So that means, I'll take an entirely vegetarian meal with a side order of a nice juicy steak. I don't need meat in everything I eat.


Anonymous said...

hey pretty interesting things about you, specially the soup stuff!

Anonymous said...

Recipe! Recipe! One of the things I really miss here is the lack of canned soup! This powered stuff just sooooo doesn't cut it. And, being a vegetarian, vegetarian vegetable is my most favouritest of them all. Recipe, recipe!!