Tuesday, December 05, 2006

November Gaming at the JSGC

The following list, as usual, includes only gaming at the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club, and doesn't include games I played outside of the club.

AD&D 2nd ed. - We're starting roleplaying again. Last time we had a party of ten, which was too many, and I was DM'ing, and it was too much for me. Ilan is now taking over a more workable party of five.

Caylus x 2 - Four players is too many. Two is right. Either way, the game is too long, too mechanical, and too fiddly. Unless you're obsessed with that sort of thing.

Children of Fire RPG - This is what the other part of five is going to play. Roleplaying angels, few dice, lots of theme.

Cities and Knights of Catan - Still a pleasant diversion, if a little baroque.

Colossal Arena - IMHO, the game needs more and broader scoring opportunities. Otherwise, best with four or five players, not two.

Cosmic Encounter x 4 - A classic game, played with EON or Mayfair versions. Best with 4 or 5.

For Sale x 9 - Quick and easy play for just about anyone. It's too light for me, but I'll play.

Go x 4 - A perfect two-player game for anyone.

Hive x 11 - A good two-player game, at least until it gets analyzed to death.

Intrigue - A game of treachery and backstabbing. Not for me.

King's Gate - I didn't play it.

Kotsuku x 5 - A very quick two or three player game hat plays ok with some modification to the included rules (see my session report).

Letter Hold'Em x 2 - A deck of playing cards with letters on it. The intention of which is to change your games of Texas Hold'Em, so that any cards you use also need to form a word. If you like Texas Hold'Em and word games, you'll probably enjoy it. Otherwise, the deck could probably be used for other things, too.

Lord of the Rings: the Confrontation x 5 - A good two-player filler. What Stratego could have been.

Magic: the Gathering x 2 - A classic CCG, always fun to draft.

The Menorah Game x 10 - A nice half hour auction/set-collection game, good for two to four, best with three. Themed for Hanukkah.

Nautilus x 2 - A beautiful game, and fun to play, but doesn't inspire accolades.

Puerto Rico x 2 - The Game. Five players with slow people is a bit much, however.

San Marco - A fairly average enjoyable Eurogame. Area control. A nice pie-division mechanic.

Secret Sevens - Some sort of card game played with a standard deck of cards.

Settlers of Catan - A great intro game, and a nice lighter game, with trading and development.

Taj Mahal - A great game of managing resources.

Trendsetters - Unfathomable party game for four. Didn't make any sense to us.

Winner's Circle - A very light game of luck with some take-that tactics for three to five.

Zendo - A nice game of induction for two to many players.

Zero In - A nice light party game with an American slant and a limited life-span. My daughter likes it.


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