Sunday, December 31, 2006

Nickels and Dimes: A Year of Games in Jerusalem

See what you missed? Come to the club and find out what these games are.


29 Lord of the Rings: the Confrontation
22 Magic: the Gathering (not counting drafting as a played game)
19 Bridge (more, really)
18 Power Grid
18 The Menorah Game
15 Havoc: the Hundred Years War
15 Puerto Rico
13 San Juan
12 Cosmic Encounter
12 Settlers of Catan
11 For Sale
11 Hive
10 Go

With the exception of Hive, which I may reacquire some day, I expect to play all of these again next year. I will try not to play Power Grid with more than 4. I would like to up the count for Go.


9 Yinsh
8 Caylus
8 Modern Art
8 Shadows Over Camelot
8 Tigris and Euphrates
7 Santiago
7 Taj Mahal
7 Zendo
6 Princes of Florence
6 Winner's Circle
5 AD&D 2nd edition
5 Amun-Re
5 Dvonn
5 Fluxx
5 Geschenkt
5 Hearts (team)
5 Kotsuku
5 Quo Vadis

All of these will probably be played again, too. I will probably play Caylus sparsely or only 2 player. It wouldn't bother me if I didn't play some of these again, including: Modern Art, Shadows Over Camelot, Winner's Circle, AD&D (looking forward to a different RPG, however), and Kotsuku. If I never play Fluxx again, I will die happy.

Just Missed

4 By Hook or By Crook
4 San Marco
4 Set
4 Tichu

Lord preserve me from having to play BHoBC again, but I suspect that He won't. Tichu, a Hanukkah present, is expected to go up greatly.


3 Cities and Knights of Catan
3 Clans
3 Colossal Arena
3 El Grande
3 Goldland
3 (Lo) Ra
3 Louis XIV
3 Maneater
3 Nautilus
3 Odds and Evens
3 Ticket to Ride

Will probably not play Clans, Goldland, or Ticket to Ride again. Will try Colossal Arena one more time. Will surely not play Maneater or Odds and Evens.

2 Age of Steam
2 Anagrams
2 Capitol
2 Carcassonne (all types)
2 Cribbage
2 Ingenious
2 Intrigue
2 Letter Hold'em
2 Maharaja
2 New England
2 Oh Hell
2 Primordial Soup
2 Thurn and Taxis
2 Torres
2 Twilight Imperium III (plus a rules summary)
2 Ys

Would love to play more Age of Steam, Anagrams, Ingenious, and Torres. Will not play Intrigue, although someone else might. Capitol, Thurn and Taxis, and Primordial Soup also unlikely. New England possible. Looking to trade Maharaja.

1 24/7
1 Aladdin's Dragons
1 Andromeda
1 Apples to Apples
1 Arimaa
1 Attika
1 Bernini Mysterie
1 Beyond Balderdash
1 Big City
1 Bohnanza
1 Children of Fire: the Board Game
1 Children of Fire: RPG (rules summary)
1 Davinci Code
1 El Caballero
1 Elfenland
1 Empire Builder
1 Entdecker
1 Goa
1 Gipf
1 Keythedral
1 King's Gate
1 Lift Off
1 Lost Cities
1 Martian Chess
1 Medina
1 Nexus Ops
1 Origins of World War I
1 Queries and Theories
1 Railway Rivals
1 Reef Encounter
1 Rheinländer
1 Rook
1 Runebound
1 Saboteur
1 Santorini
1 Scotland Yard
1 Seargent Major
1 Secret Sevens
1 Settlers of the Stone Age
1 St Petersburg
1 Tikal
1 Tarot
1 Trendsetters
1 War
1 Wildlife
1 World of Warcraft
1 Zero In

Of these, I would love to play more: Children of Fire board game, Children of Fire RPG, Reef Encounter, Tikal, and Wildlife. I would like to play more: Aladdin's Dragons, Beyond Balderdash, Lost Cities, and Queries and Theories.

I test prototypes at the game club, too, but I don't have an exact count of how many.

I'm looking forward to playing Netrunner and Middle Earth CCG, just acquired. Others in my game group also have, or are buying, other games I am interested in playing.

Top games played this year

AD&D (but no more, please)
Age of Steam
Cosmic Encounter
Magic: the Gathering
Princes of Florence
Puerto Rico
Tigris and Euphrates
The Menorah Game


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