Sunday, December 17, 2006

What is News Comedy?

It is merging two news stories into one comedic moment.

The daily show announced the publication of a book at the Iranian Holocaust Deniers conference. It's by some ex-Nazis and it's called "If We Had Done It ..." (Link, click on "Just Say No".)*

I wish this was news comedy, but it isn't. Woman beaten on Jerusalem bus for refusing to move to rear seat. The human race is regressing.

On the other hand, boing boing covered board games twice this weekend: the War on Terror board game (finally), and a Carcassonne ginger bread cake, complete with all tiles and meeples. Regarding the latter: Yes! Coverage on German games on boing boing, including links and text on Board Game Geek and Beyond Monopoly.

Speaking of German games, tons of people are pointing to an interview with Klaus Teuber in Forbes magazine. Teuber is the creator of Settlers of Catan. The interview appears alongside many other articles on games and toys.

Addition: Oh, and I like this article on Winning versus Trying on Planet Dojang. But the guy's wall of social bookmarking icons is a bit extreme:
Youch. Can't you just pick one or two?


* For future generations who won't understand this, O.J. Simpson, who was highly suspected of killing his ex-wife, briefly tried to publish a book earlier this year entitled "If I Had Done It" all the while maintaining his innocence.

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