Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hunukkah Gaming 1

There are two shabbat Hanukkah's this year. I was lucky enough to get in two games of The Menorah Game on the first night of Hanukkah with our two guests.

They were total non-gamers and played very stone faced. I was assuming they were going to say some nice things and then leave after the first game, but they said it was great and asked to play again. Then they lauded the game a few more times.

They couldn't believe that I had designed the game by myself, apparently assuming that games must spring out of nowhere, or at least out of nameless faceless game corporations.

The first game was the basic game, and the second the advanced game. I won both, even though I wasn't the one who went out in the advanced game. I did have two wild candles however.

I've begun analyzing the mathematics of the advanced game.

A little spice: Peter Olotka, designer of Cosmic Encounter, does Christmas Cosmic Encounter poetry.


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Anonymous said...

Happy Hunukkah, Yehuda.