Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Gone Gaming 2006 Board Game Internet Awards

It's the year end, and time for The Gone Gaming 2006 Board Game Internet Awards. We changed a few categories, but otherwise it's the same deal as last year.

Head over and nominate sites for best game site and game post of the year.

I've added a few other gift guides to the bottom of my Holiday Gift Guide. Scroll down to the bottom and follow the links to choices on other people's sites.

Aside from Tom Vasel's great game giveaway (thousands of dollars worth of great games), other sites are giving away board games this season, including a giveaway from FlashGames. Not interesting games, but nice if you like Trivia party games.

Here's some cool pictures reworking Peanuts characters as Marvel and other heroes (via Table of Malcontents).



Agent Easy said...


If ou could, it would be interesting to discuss WHY the blogs win... last year we got an honorable mention and I was a little mystified (we don't review current games, we don't have pictures, etc). I kind of enjoy the thought that other people read our blog, and that type of feedback would be appreciated.

Agent Easy said...

Me again,

In looking at the contest this year, I realized that you were the one who nominated us last year. Thanks! It's nice to get your comments once in a while. I have to admit that I'm even more surprised and mystified than I was before, though, since you hold such high standards for your own blog (not to mention we break just about every one of your "rules of good blogging" with the possible exception of frequency of posting). Well, your site is always a consistently entertaining one with a nice mix of gaming and outside interests which I hope contines for quite some time. If you are ever in Canada, drop us a line!


Yehuda said...

Miguel: You're welcome for last year's nomination. I enjoy your session reports.

Stop by and nominate some sites yourself this year. And thanks for the kind words.