Thursday, December 07, 2006

Session Report, in which two Geeks of the Week meet and compete

The latest session report for the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club is up here. Games played: 24/7, Carcassonne, Keythedral, Elfenland, For Sale, Tichu x 2, Quo Vadis, Magic: the Gathering.

Gilad, the current Geek of the Week on BGG stopped by for a visit, but I didn't actually get to play with him.

And we pushed our roleplaying off for another week.


When I was in Cornell they never had a Game Design Initiative degree program. Damn. Via The Ithaca Journal.

And Boing Boing reports on the virtual homeless in online gaming worlds, as a reminder of homelessness in the real world.

Eat It!, a trivia game that tests and impresses children about candy advertisements. Because the hole's not deep enough yet.

"Yes, finally a board game based on snack food. And why not? There are board games based on strategy, knowledge of other specific topics like sports or music or all trivia ... it's about time someone leveraged snacks into a game for grownups (let's face it, you can't play CandyLand all your life). " -

And somewhere in Chicago, someone is running the first Hungry, Hungry Hippos Spelling Championship.


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