Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Guide to Board Game Tutorial Videos

I found a series of videos explaining how to play Jacks at Expert Village. 16 videos, on such esoteric topics such as "How to bounce the ball" and "How to drop the jack on the floor". They're quite, uh, quite.

Expert Village also has video instruction for dozens of board and card games.

Of course, the slickest and best video instruction on board games comes from my friend Scott, aka Board Games With Scott. He hardly needs introduction, being far more famous than I am in and out of the board game world.

I was going to compile a list of additional resources on video tutorials, but I see that an attorney who goes by the name dominojones on BGG has already done so in a Geeklist: The Definitive List of Board Game Videos and Interactive Tutorials. Enjoy.


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