Saturday, February 09, 2008

Purple Pawn: Trying Something New

I'm playing around with a new site: Purple Pawn.

The simple idea is to spin off the game news to its own blog. The grand idea is to create a large blog covering all tabletop news, industry, and media. Here are the qualifications:

- I'd like to do it without stepping on my friends' toes. For that reason, I'm not going to cover Euro game industry news, which is covered well by Boardgame News (except for coverage of mainstream press coverage). I'm also not going to duplicate any of the database or forum functionality of Board Game Geek.

- The only other site doing comprehensive tabletop gaming news that I know about is Gaming Report (although they don't cover classic games and card games). I'm not sure if what I'm doing duplicates what they're doing.

- Eric Arneson does a nice board game site at, but it's not frequent or comprehensive. There are a few other sites doing specific aspects of news: war game news, poker news, chess news, and so on.

- To do this properly, I need a whole lot of a) contributions, and b) editors.

Contributions are either links to news that should be covered, or complete articles. Editors are people who want to come aboard and publish regularly (once a day, at least). Editors will eventually make some money, should the site ever make money.

If you want to join me, drop me an email.

For everyone else: The site is still in pre-alpha, may die off at a moment's notice. It depends on how many additional editors I get.

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Tim - A GameBuff said...

This sounds like a great idea. A news site for more than just euro and hardcore strategy games is a great idea. I try to post on some casual, party and light strategy game news on my blog so if I run across some news that you have not posted on already then I'll definitely let you know.