Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How To Edit a Blog Post


This is a sample paragraph demonstrating how I edit my blog posts. The point is to show how I start writnig just about anything I feel without worrying about spelling, order, sense, or tightness, and then move on to reeidt my writing. Sometimes I'll throw out entire sections of what I write because they are unnecessary. Sometimes I'll reorder whole sections, or break them into pargraphs. I might add or remove commas, reorder parts of the sentences to make the commas unnecessary. The point is that writing doesn't just fall out of my head onto the screen. Good ideas might, but writing always requires editing and tightening. I hope you do the same; writing doesn't just come to people it takes practice and judgment. Don't let fear get in the way, but don't expect to just write anything and get away with it.


This article demonstrates how I edit blog posts.

I begin by putting words down. I then go over them, tightening up:

- Spelling
- Sentence order
- Structure

and so on.

I may throw out or reorder unnecessary sections or break them into smaller paragraphs. I may reorder sentences in order to remove commas. I may add points of explanation that I forgot the first time through, or remove points that distract from the central message.

My point is: good ideas may be instantaneous, but good writing isn't. It requires editing and tightening. It requires punch.

Ideas can't always be taught, although you can lay the groundwork for them. But good writing is just a matter of practice and judgment. Don't be afraid to write just because your writing isn't good; you will need to get through a lot of bad writing before you are comfortable with it.


Good writing requires practice and judgment. Don't be afraid if your writing isn't yet good; you must continuously practice it until you are comfortable.

This article demonstrates how I write. Through each iteration, I tighten the spelling, sentence order, structure, and so on.

I reorder words, sentences, or sections as needed. I throw out unnecessary words and break larger paragraphs into smaller ones. I add points as needed, and remove points that distract from the central message.

Good ideas may be instantaneous, but good writing isn't.



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