Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hasbro doesn't think Jerusalem is in Israel

Something I just noticed: all the cities on the World Monopoly vote have a country attached to them, e.g. Montreal, Canada.

All the cities except one, that is.


P.S. Meanwhile, Israeli residents are trying to get Sderot into a wild card slot for political purposes.


Anonymous said...

Well, The answer to that is rather simple. This is because under the international law the Israeli annexation of Jerusalem is illegal.

Whatever mine or your personal views on the subject are, I don't see why Hasbro should even have an opinion on the subject. (when even USA don't hold their embassy in Jerusalem because of the same issue).

kumru said...

That's sad because everyone should know that capital of Israel is Jerusalem for about 3000 years. Hasbro should reconsider before trying to be nice to other people.
Btw you have a wonderful website out here, i am extremely happy to find it, will be checking it again later when i have time.