Monday, February 18, 2008

In Toronto

So I'm in Toronto. And I'll be in Tampa, Florida this coming Thursday to Monday, and then back in Toronto until Mar 3.

Gaming prospect suck. Toronto is having its yearly TABScon but it's on Saturday, Mar 1. On shabbat, in other words. There's no way that I can get to it.

The regular game group meetings don't seem to be happening, maybe because of the con. I see that the Thursday meeting this week is going ahead - when I'll be in Tampa.

There are a few gamers in Tampa, but the two that I contacted are both out of town for the entire weekend. Sigh.

Hopefully I'll get in a few games of Puerto Rico with Rachel.

Tomorrow I hope to go to the Ontario Science Center which is having a day event called Gadgets and Gizmos; sounds cool, although it may be only for little(r) kids.

Wednesday (this week or next) Guy Gavriel Kay is signing and talking at some library. Otherwise, I'm just taking in the snow and the music of the city.

Visit my new Game News blog: Purple Pawn. It could use a little link love. It's also looking for contributors. I'm hoping to make it a major force in the game news world. Come be a prt of it.

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