Tuesday, December 06, 2005

As long as we're linking 2

Having posted my initial As long as we're linking a scant two weeks ago, I already have a number of changes to make to the list.

You know that after posting a list of something that you will find a whole lot more of it right afterwards. This usually happens because other people point out all the stuff you missed the first time, such as this post by Coldfoot.

First off, goodbye to all GameWire links, as well as the old Dice Tower link. These have been replaced with the link to Rick Thornquist's new game site: Board Game News. It is already one of the best sites for games on the Internet, and will stay that way as long as Rick and company can continue to make it happen. It also includes all of the Dice Towers, as well as the continuation of my favorite humor series on board games, Misadventures in Boardgames by Dan Bosley.

I also added the following sites:

Board Game Madness - Todd D, another Texas blog from Houston.

Game Guts - Inside Hobby Gaming - Adam Conus, Washington (the state, not the district). Formerly of Wizards of the Coast, now "Organized Play Manager" for Hidden City Games.

The Game Shelf - Doctor J in Canada. He started the blog, but hasn't posted anything since mid-November. Also, being a Microsoft site, you have to be a Passport victimmember to post comments.

GamerDad Unplugged - Dr. Matt J. Carlson, California. The board game podcast companion to a computer game site. I haven't listened to this, yet.

RPGnet Reviews - Various reviews of gaming products, mainly RPGs, of course. Tom Vasel, Shannon Appelcline, and others.

San Antonio Board Gamers - Another multi-blogger blog.

Steve's HFoG Blog - Steve Blanding, Washington (state). Blog is hosted on Bloglines, which doesn't seem to allow comments.

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