Tuesday, December 27, 2005

More on the GG:BGIA

I came to work only to remember that I have a wedding tonight - a co-worker. I am under dressed and unshaved. This is the second time in a few weeks I forgot to shave before a wedding. This time I think I will have to go home first. I have to light Hanukkah candles, anyway.

Do remember to cast your nominations (not votes, just nominations) for the Board Game Internet Awards.

We left out a few possible candidates for awards:

Best online personality - Grog suggested this. It's a good idea, but would have been hard to judge in the allotted time. What do I know about war game personalities, anyway?

Best player aid, best dowloadable game - And so on. These could have made it, but are already kind of covered under other game awards. What do you think?

Best mainstream coverage of board games - This one is covered under Best Promotional/Advocacy Article.

Most clueless mainstream coverage of board games - I wanted this one. Maybe next time. If you have any candidates for this year's winner, add to the comments to this post.

What else did we miss?

In Board Game Communities, Tom Vasel writes about how the blogsphere itself has turned into a community, which is true. Which means that our model of "site that is a community" doesn't necessarily work.

The models are constantly changing: music distribution, television subscription, national jurisdiction, advertising, business hours, social circles, recreation. Still, some things remain the same: love, hope, friendship, and prayer.


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