Saturday, December 24, 2005

Weekend Gaming

Um, none. Actually.

I finished cutting up the last of my original prototypes. After delivering two, to my brother and a friend of my daughter's, that will leave me with the last two copies. One for me, and one if I still need to send out another to a publisher. If enough people want copies, I can make more.

My wife is in England teaching at Limmud, a yearly conference for Jewish studies that attracts 2000 people from around the world with nothing better to do on Christmas break. I just found out that my kids won't be around until Thursday; I want them here when Rachel gets back, and I forgot that that means that I can't have them during the first half of Hanukkah, too.

Meanwhile, I spent shabbat with friends and aunt and uncle. I forgot to bring my game with me to show them. My aunt and uncle are not really game players, although once upon a time they played Bridge and Scrabble.

Actually, my aunt had this game in the closet that no one was willing to play with her; of course I volunteered. I'll play any game once. It is "Mid-Life Crisis". It seemed like your typical dumb roll-and-move game, but there were a few decisions that made the game a bit more interesting. You accumulated three different levels of problems (stress, divorce, and cash) and then you had to choose the right ones to get rid of at the right time. Or you could simply declare an all out war on normality by purposely getting tanked in all three areas before anyone finished the game, thereby winning immediately.

It looked sort of cute, but there were no tokens or money or counters, which meant that you had to write to keep track of everything, which we couldn't do on shabbat. So back to the shelf it went.

Since I didn't get to buy any presents for the kids, yet, being alone for the first few days gives me a bit more time to find something. I also have a work-wedding on Tuesday and game night on Wed.

I'm also planning a few big ideas for Gone Gaming. I'm excited about them and I hope they go over well.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, everybody.


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