Friday, December 30, 2005

Movie: Narnia

Saarya, Eitan, Tal, and I were supposed to see Harry Potter 4. But it turned out that HP4 was sold out until the 10:30 pm showing, which was just too late. Eitan suggested Narnia. That was a surprise, seeing that his form of entertainment is usually Death Metal music; the previous evening he saw Sammael in concert and loved it. I think he saw the previews of Narnia and liked the look of the battle scenes.

So no HP4 review. Instead, Narnia.

It was good. Narnia is an old fashioned book and it shows in the movie. The major battle is intense and drawn out like in other modern movies, but there is nothing in the way of the ugliness and gore that you normally get. Instead you get a lot of unbelievable scenes of children wielding swords and being brave. It was kind of nice that way.

Also, the movie didn't try to batter you with scene after scene of action, rushing, comedy, and so forth. It had a nice balance of story elements. The acting was good. And the major heroine was a pudgy and not particularly pretty girl who acts like a young girl, for the most part. Different.

The effects of the talking animals were also good. However, you could see just a bit from the brightness contrasts when scenes were filmed in front of a blue drop. The same for King Kong, actually. They don't quite have that effect down, yet.

I can't really think of anything negative to say; it didn't aim to be a much greater and grander movie than it was. Maybe if you wanted to see something larger it will be a bit simplistic for you. Instead, you get a simple vignette which fulfills what it sets out to do: a fantasy story about temptation, betrayal, sacrifice, compromise, loyalty, love, and bravery.


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