Saturday, December 17, 2005

Weekend Gaming

Lord of the Rings: the Confrontation

I had played this once with my friend David. I played White and found it incredibly difficult to get anywhere. But, it was my first time. The game seemed like it still had potential, so I was hoping to play again.

I also introduced my brother Ben to the game at the game club, and he was so disgusted with the lack of symmetry and blind aspects to the game that he refused to play after one move.

This time I suggested it to my non-gamer neighbor whose family came for lunch. He has already played the Menorah Game and liked it, and I thought the association of this game with Lord of the Rings would appeal to him.

I played White again and won. Of course, this was his first time. He said it was OK, but not special. I kind of agree with him.

This looks like another victim of the overhype on BGG: "best two player game ever". No, it isn't. It is over too quickly, and it appears to be too slight a game to be that good. At least, from my limited experience.

I'm happy to play it a few more times. Here's hoping it will still be interesting after the tenth game.


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Anonymous said...

I was disappointed with LoTR:C as well. After playing it a few times with my brother and my lunch time gaming buddy, I traded it away.